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Our classes are not strictly Zumba, but they are HIIT based classes with a Zumba Flavor to them. Our Gym at Bukit Jelutong has officially opened in February 2018. The built area is 1000 square feet. Our gym is also located in Bukit Jelutong at the Suria Jelutong Serviced Appartments. It is equipped with wood floors and an ample space to run, skip and conduct our complete routine fitness class.

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More than Just Zumba

Our classes are based on High Intensity Interval Training, unlike traditional Zumba where you have fun but get less of an overall workout, with Feminine Fitness Force we push you to your limit to make sure that besides having a blast you also achieve your fitness goals.

From the selection of workout variations and modifications to the organization of the motivational speakers, Feminine Fitness Force creates a supportive and profound experience that will make you feel healthy, confident, energetic and more.

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Our first Class is always free. It's time for a change. Come join a GYM with a wonderful group of women who care about your health and well being! Click the link to get your Free Class Pass.

Tasneem Mughal - CanFitPro Certified Instructor

Tasneem Mughal, founder of Feminine Fitness Force, and certified CanfitPro instructor, has been well acquainted with women's only clubs for the past fifteen years. She has created Feminine Fitness Force in order to fill the need of self-belief she has seen incomplete in fitness services provided to women over the years.