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Feminine Fitness Force Reviews

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Zakiyya Bhorat Wednesday Class, Ajax

“At Feminine Fitness Force, the instructor is so motivational!!! She pushes us hard but I don’t feel pressured, just super motivated! Also I like that there are various ages in this group and still everyone feels part of the team regardless of their age, ability and how much they worked out before. These workouts make me feel more confident and stronger too. Like, I know that my body now, can definitely do much more than it used to be able to do. Even the days I’m exhausted, I still feel like I’m pushing myself to the best of my ability because I’m getting motivated by the instructor and the energy of the groups’ effort.” 


Adella Noori Wednesday Class, Ajax

“I love that Feminine Fitness Force has a mix of everything! The whole routine, from the cardio to the strengthening, it makes it fun! In 2 weeks I lost 7 lbs. Since I joined the force, I have more energy, I’m less bloated and it makes me feel more positive towards not only my weight goal, but how I feel about myself!” 


Bushra kayka Monday Class, Oshawa

“I really enjoy Feminine Fitness Force so much. I look so forward to it every week!  I love the way the instructor pushes and challenges us! The mix up of all the segments, having a little of everything, and the mix of the music makes me want to keep going. Now, I feel much better than before, I feel more energetic and motivated.” 


Saajida Bhorat Wednesday Class, Ajax

“I like the pace and structure of the workout at the force. Not only do I feel motivated and pushed by the instructor but also this team and their hard work! Since joining Feminine Fitness Force, I feel more energized, more confident and much stronger.” 


Nadia M. Sunday Class, Oshawa

“I wanted to get active and feel better about my health, so I decided to try Feminine Fitness Force. It really is a great place to work out and get active because it has a positive and encouraging environment. I definitely notice a big difference in my energy.” 


Roqia Noori Wednesday Class, Ajax

“Feminine Fitness Force is a place I feel at ease to work out without feeling self-conscious. Like no one is looking at or judging me based on my abilities. I just feel comfortable being there, like a real team. And it’s a really fun workout so I feel really motivated!” 


Aarifah Wednesday Class, Ajax

“I have only been with the force for 3 or 4 weeks and in that time, I lost 5 lbs., I gained confidence, I feel my tension / stress released and the next day I feel so much more energized! I like the workout because it’s a complete total body workout and you feel like you worked it out completely.” 


Zakiya Wednesday Class, Ajax

“I have never taken a fitness class before so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But since I’ve been here, my clothes fit me so much better, I have less water retention, higher energy levels and more confidence! I like the workout because it’s a total body workout, a high energy class and its very motivational and super fun! Even though the class is at night and you might be tired but once you get going, your energy levels automatically keep you going throughout the class.” –


Nabiha Thursday Class, Pickering

“I definitely notice a difference in my strength. The workouts are getting easier as the weeks progress. I really like the fact that the instructor shows us how to do the moves properly. I also enjoy the health tips the instructor gives us.” 


Anonymous Wednesday class,Shah Alam

I joined Feminine Fitness Force and I automatically wanted to become healthier. I decided to change my eating habits and continued on with the Force. From then till now I am more energetic and I lost weight and feel leaner! I like that these routines really work your entire body.” 


Anisa T Thursday Class, Pickering

“The thing I love about Feminine Fitness Force is that it’s a very welcoming environment! I love seeing the different ages, different levels and different people coming together. And I like the fact that I’m having fun while working out. So far I’ve lost 5 lbs. since I joined and I feel great! The workout is an easy to remember routine and there are modern songs so even if I hear it playing on the radio, while I’m driving, I still hear the instructors’ voice going on in the background! I think it’s great, what Feminine Fitness Force is doing.” 


Fatima Omar Wednesday Class, Ajax

“From joining Feminine Fitness I have gotten more strength, feel more energetic, and I lost 10 lbs. It’s an amazing environment of different people. We meet with each other and it feels so good to meet such different people. I’m in my 50’s and I am so amazed with myself! When I first joined I wouldn’t think I could do half the things I do, and now I’m at a level 2 in almost all the circuits! From the bottom of my heart, I am so proud of the instructor!” 


Rukeiya Bhorat Wednesday Class, Ajax

“I have only joined the force for about 4 weeks and I feel healthier, have more energy and am stronger than when I first started. I like everything about it, and I love how it does works your whole body”

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