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Feminine Fitness Force

About Us

Feminine Fitness Force's focus is to inspire the inward and outward strength to women of all ages and from all cultural backgrounds.

We are committed in advancing the physical well being and self-regulation of confidence to our women whether they be born Canadian or born abroad women. We intend to inspire through our leadership as a determined team, fearlessness in pushing our own limits, deliverance of endorphins (positive energy boosted by exercising, producing a ferocious degradation in depression which so many women battle) and strength and spirits as a unit. Feminine Fitness Force pursued interconnections development and team building approaches throughout our workout this past year, resulting in a successful second family gateway. Creating a women's healthy lifestyle was a dream come true for many of our women from different ethno-cultural communities. Our Feminine fitness forces program offered a comfortable zone for women of all ages to exercise, participate in ladies excursions and to enjoy a diverse, yet sincere atmosphere that empowered our spirits!

Feminine Fitness Force has Fitness Classes in Shah Alam, Malaysia as well as across Durham and the GTA (Greater Toronto Area). The Durham community itself is flourishing and affluent and has a number of fitness classes offered today, but none that target at empowering our women by guiding women to believing in themselves while training.

From the selection of workout variations and modifications to the organization of the motivational speakers, Feminine Fitness Force will create a supportive and profound experience that will bring in new members as a result of word of mouth by virtue of an unshakable, vibrant sentiment evident to all.

Tasneem Mughal - CanFitPro Certified Instructor

Tasneem Mughal , founder of Feminine Fitness Force, and certified CanfitPro instructor, has been well acquainted with women's only clubs for the past fifteen years. She has created Feminine Fitness Force in order to fill the need of self-belief she has seen incomplete in fitness services provided to women over the years.