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GYM Shah Alam: More than just a Fitness Class.

It's a Sisterhood that focuses on Nutrition, Mental Health and Fitness.

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About Us

FFF is the first ever female fitness class geared to empowering women from all walks of life. If you want to look & feel healthier, feel a sisterhood vibe or are looking for a class that'll push you to your limit and still incorporate fun, this is it ladies!

About FFF

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FFF is offering several services catered to improving women's health. Our classes are HIIT inspired classes adjusted for all fitness levels. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, we'll help mold you into being a better version of the woman you are.

Fitness Classes

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Come meet this elite force for FREE and witness what the contagious power of solidarity integrated with determination can do. Join FFF today, because it's hardly a workout when you're having this much fun!

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Fitness Classes for Sisters

We offer fitness classes 3 days a week for women only, young and old, beginners and experts.

We have currently 2 Fitness classes in the Shah Alam (Bukit Jelutong Sek U8) area.

Our Schedule

Our class is high intensity interval training - HIIT taught by CANFITPRO certified instructor: Tasneem Mughal.

Tuesday Mornings


Suria Jelutong Block A - Jalan Bazar U8/99, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Wednesday Evening


Suria Jelutong Block A - Jalan Bazar U8/99, Bukit Jelutong, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor

Personal Training

Shah Alam

by Appointment only

Cahaya SPK, Seksyen U9/68, Shah Alam,Selangor, Malaysia

Real Reviews from Our Fitness Classes

Join our members who have had success

Our members are achieving their goals! Have you worked out before? Whether it's a yes or No, we can help you too!

Here's What our Ladies are Saying...


-Tashia Robinson

I only joined Feminine Fitness Force for about 4 weeks now, and so far I've lost 2% body fat at Tasneem's Bootcamp , feel more energized, feel great about my body and notice such a big difference! In this class, not once did I feel like someone was staring at me or I was competing with anyone, it was me against myself and because the instructor motivates us so well, I push as hard as i can resulting in nothing less than an amazing work! "


-Sabah Sayyada

Feminine Fitness Force is one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time. It not only makes my body feel rejuvenated but it also gives my mind a positive and instant boost. I simply love the way my team members are always so motivated and focused. The environment we have in each of our fitness sessions at FFF is truly exciting and filled with positive energy."


Zakiyya Bhorat

At Feminine Fitness Force, the instructor is so motivational!!! She pushes us hard but I dont feel pressured, just super motivated! Also I like that there are various ages in this group and still everyone feels part of the team regardless of their age, ability and how much they worked out before. These workouts make me feel more confident yes but stronger too. It is a great gym for muslimahs

List of Benefits Of High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT

While most people know that physical activity is healthy, it's estimated that about 30% of people worldwide don't get enough. Unfortunately, many people feel that they don't have enough time to exercise. One of the biggest advantages of HIIT is that you can get maximal health benefits in minimal time.

HIIT involves short bursts of intense exercise alternated with low-intensity recovery periods. Interestingly, it is perhaps the most time-efficient way to exercise.

People may ask, "So why do Hiit workouts instead of say Pilates or Zumba or even Yoga?" The answer is simple: Studies have shown that Hiit is proven to be more effective in burning fat because it activates the ATP-PC energy system or anaerobic system causing your body to pull fuel from your glycogen stores which means it is basically increasing your metabolism.

Even six hours after a HIIT workout your metabolism is still processing fuel resulting in fat burning.

Recent studies have shown that this Fat burning process after a HIIT workout continues even up to 48 hours later. So your workout is already long over but you are still experiencing the benefits in terms of immediate fat loss.

Sure, we want the workout to be enjoyable but at the same time we probably wouldn't be doing it if we realized that it wasn't getting us fit fast.

Benefits of HIIT exercises:

  • HIIT does Burn a Lot of Calories in a Short Amount of Time
  • Your Metabolic Rate Is Higher for up to 48 Hours After Exercise
  • It Can Help You Lose a lot of Fat Fast
  • You can Gain Muscle Using HIIT
  • HIIT Can Improve Oxygen Consumption levels
  • It Can Reduce your Heart Rate and Blood Pressure levels
  • Blood Sugar levels Can Be Reduced by HIIT

It's time for a change. Come join a GYM with a wonderful group of women who care about your health and well being!

Gym in Shah Alam

Our Shah Alam GYM was officially opened in February 2018.The built area is 1000 square feet. Our gym is also located strategically in Bukit Jelutong Suria Jelutong Serviced Apartments, right near the Masjid Diraja Tengku Ampuan Jemaah at the Jalan Bazar with ample of free parking lots are available. It is equipped wood floors and an ample space to run, skip and conduct our complete routine fitness class.